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RiderCourse Enrollment

Three Wheel Basic RiderCourse (3WBRC)

Three Wheel Basic RiderCourse Enrollment

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Below is the 2023 SMART Class Schedule. To ensure our classes fill up, we will only have 3 classes open for enrollment at any time. Also note that the May 7th BRC2 course will only open up after the May 6th BRC2 Course at least 6 students enrolled. We look forward to seeing you in 2023.

Start Date End Date Class Type
4/14/20234/16/2023Basic RiderCourse
4/21/20234/23/2023Basic RiderCourse
4/28/20234/30/2023Basic RiderCourse
5/06/20235/06/2023Basic RiderCourse 2
5/07/20235/07/2023Basic RiderCourse 2
5/12/20235/14/2023Basic RiderCourse
5/19/20235/21/20233-Wheel Basic RiderCourse
5/26/20235/28/2023Memorial Day Weekend
6/02/20236/04/2023Basic RiderCourse
6/09/20236/11/2023Basic RiderCourse
6/16/20236/18/2023Basic RiderCourse
6/23/20236/25/20233-Wheel Basic RiderCourse
7/07/20237/09/2023Basic RiderCourse
7/14/20237/16/2023Basic RiderCourse
7/21/20237/23/2023Basic RiderCourse
7/28/20237/30/20233-Wheel Basic RiderCourse
8/11/20238/13/2023Basic RiderCourse
8/18/20238/20/2023Basic RiderCourse
8/25/20238/27/2023Basic RiderCourse
9/01/20239/03/2023Labor Day Weekend
9/08/20239/10/20233-Wheel Basic RiderCourse
9/15/20239/17/2023Basic RiderCourse
9/22/20239/24/2023Basic RiderCourse
10/06/202310/08/2023Basic RiderCourse
10/13/202310/15/2023Basic RiderCourse
10/20/202310/22/20233-Wheel Basic RiderCourse
10/27/202310/29/2023Basic RiderCourse